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 Post subject: Recruit for WoD
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:10 pm 

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]Character Information:

1) What class/spec do you play?
Currently; I main a Feral/Guardian Druid. But also enjoy playing my combat rogue, resto shaman, and arcane mage

2) What is your armory link? (Please Log off in your raiding gear) ... iro/simple

3) What is your Battletag?

Personal Information:

4) Are you 17 or older?
Yes, 21.

5) Can you communicate in English?

Computer Information:

6) Can your computer handle 25-Man raids without any issues?
Past experience tells me, yes.

7) Do you have a working mic, and do you know how to use it?
Yes on both.

8) Do you have a stable internet connection?

9) Mumble & DBM are required. Will that be an issue?
Not at all. I do not have either installed currently but shouldn't be an issue.

Player Information:

10) What is your raiding experience? (Please focus mostly on current content)
I did it all; In the raid finder. ..I did get realm first 25 nefarian on Alexstrasza in the last xpac. Solo healed platform on (H)nefarian25 as resto (raided as resto at the beginning of cata, and may still have been resto had my account not been hacked too many times for me to continue using it.) I have tanked, healed and dpsd in content apart from raid finder throughout the expansions.

11) How prepared do you show up to raids?
I am at the instance portal 5 minutes before scheduled raid times with appropriate food, flasks, and potions. I also bring along jeeves.

12) What is your availability on Tuesdays & Thursdays (9:00pm - 12:30am EST)?
Open with no current obligations during scheduled times.

Additional Information:

13) What were your previous guilds? Why did you leave?
A couple guilds on shadowmoon.(not relevant) Fel Nation on Alexstrasza. Fel Nation was falling apart, like, a day after I had joined and I had followed most of the raid core to BPA (Bear Plan Alpha.) Eventually those raiders transferred off server to pursue sunwell content in BC while I had been "forced" to "break" for school. I came back to the game with no guild and had joined another raiding guild in Wrath. The core group in that guild wasn't progressing in ulduar25 as fast as a PUG ulduar 10, and members from our pug joined together to form Catalyst (on Alexstrasza) Which would become the only guild on the server to raid 25man content in cata, and was also the number 1 horde guild on Alexstrasza at the beginning of cata. When my account was hacked for the 3rd time I thought I would give up the game... Eventually I subscribed on a new account and rolled another druid when I had discovered my old guild mates had moved onto other games, and others just gone. I have a lvl 13 guild where my alts sit called <r A W> and have been focusing mostly on player v. player during MoP with <The Stickyicky>. I would like to join Gloryhogs to run in a competent pve environment. While I love members of sticky, most are not concerned with pve content and I have missed a lot of content which I would've liked to experience. I am hoping to see content in WoD that I failed to focus on during this expansion.

14) Are there any <Gloryhogs> members that can vouch for you?

15) Please provide us with an up to date World of Logs (NO LFR!!!)
None recent

16) Is there anything else that you feel must be mentioned in your application?
I am not only applying as a druid, but as a player, I currently have reached max lvl on all classes on smolderthorn and have a basic grasp of how to play each toon. I utilize over 60 key binds in standard UI format including focus macros, I turn with my mouse and have the back peddle key unbound. Across those toons I have max professions, 9 toons of which are max engineers. I also have 2 tailors and 2 enchanters at max lvl. I have a potion, flask, and elixir master. Although I would like to say I was vanilla player, I only reached 54 by the time burning crusade hit. I have participated in a raid environment for close to 6 years and have always had a respectful and helpful attitude and have always welcomed any constructive criticism. This is an application for WoD and would like to see the end of the pvp season with my current guild. I would be willing to level and gear any toon what the raid core needs, while I would like to main a balance/resto druid in WoD, I am confident, however, that I can play any class/spec competitively. I also like bass music. Feel free to add my b-tag, pm or send in-game mail. (I'll also check this forum for replies*)

I seem to be unable to find a picture small enough to post, its a very clean ui with no add ons. I use the battle map, 12 pt font in the smallest chat box possible in the right corner with raid frames between the map and chat box

it takes one to know one

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 Post subject: Re: Recruit for WoD
PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:01 pm 
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Currently not recruiting.

App Closed

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