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 Post subject: Babyvendor - DPS DK (Tony)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:52 am 

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Character Information:

1) What class/spec do you play?
Frost/Unholy DK

2) What is your armory link? (Please Log off in your raiding gear) ... dor/simple

3) What is your Battletag?

Personal Information:

4) Are you 17 or older?
Yes, 26.

5) Can you communicate in English?

Computer Information:

6) Can your computer handle 25-Man raids without any issues?
Yes, always at or above 60FPS.

7) Do you have a working mic, and do you know how to use it?
Yes on both.

8) Do you have a stable internet connection?

9) Mumble & DBM are required. Will that be an issue?
Not at all, have both of them installed already.

Player Information:

10) What is your raiding experience? (Please focus mostly on current content)
T1-3 with Nurfed/Not Recruiting/Reientless(Dethecus under Ajc), T4-6 with Legendary Incompetence, T7-T10 (Neglect), T11-13 Alone (Aerie Peak under Tony)

MoP: N/A

11) How prepared do you show up to raids?
I bring everything I would need not provided by the guild.

12) What is your availability on Tuesdays & Thursdays (9:00pm - 12:30am EST)?
Will be available and on time for raids minus extenuating circumstances.

Additional Information:

13) What were your previous guilds? Why did you leave?
See raid experience. Nurfed fell apart right after AQ40 clear, most started playing with Reintless on Alliance. I quit raiding with Legendary Incompetence because they server transferred to Scilla. I left Neglect at the end of the expansion due to personal differences with a couple officers. I quit raiding with Alone due to real life issues. I havent raided since then though with the Gloryhogs schedule and the fact that I now live on the west coast, I can definitely say the raid times are appealing.

14) Are there any <Gloryhogs> members that can vouch for you?
A lot of members know/remember me as Tonylittle/Plaguebearer/Tonysmash/Tonysmalls

15) Please provide us with an up to date World of Logs (NO LFR!!!)
I know that this is usually a deal breaker but I havent raided seriously since Dragon Soul. I understand if the application is denied and willing to submit one on WoD release.

16) Is there anything else that you feel must be mentioned in your application?
I have raided in top US guilds achieving US firsts as well as World firsts in Naxx40. I know what it takes to be a raider and team member. I'm also better than Davien.

I've been through the trial process and know all the routines, feel free to contact me in-game :)

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